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Dental Products in Sonora, California

Dental Products in Sonora, California

We Live for Tooth Longevity

Multiple appointments for one issue in your mouth can prove to be tedious and bothersome. Our methods and products ensure that each procedure will produce longevity and quality. That’s why we choose to use CEREC as one of our primary methods when it comes to restoring your teeth ailments. This process is quick, yet precise. We have the equipment and required experience to perform CEREC at our own location and in a short amount of time.
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Be Bold and Try a Lumineer Mold

The Lumineer mold method helps you, the patient, avoid any sort of unnecessary drilling or shots. Because it can take place in two simple visits, you will be able to have a smile transformation in no time at all. After we take an impression of your upper and lower teeth, it will just be a couple of weeks before we will be able to place your Lumineers. We double-check your bite and jaw balance to verify the match to ensure the perfect fit.

Big Smiles for One-Hour Bleaching

We understand that self-conscious feeling once you realize your smile isn’t as white as it used to be. Whatever your big weekend plans are, a bright smile offers a type of courage that helps you tackle your insecurities. By using our high-quality, one-hour bleaching treatment, you will be more confident and ready for anything. Our desire is to give you a boost in your self-esteem and an extra skip in your step when you look at your pearly whites.
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