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General Dental and Preventive Care in Sonora, California

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Regular Teeth Cleaning Is Key

A key to having a healthy lifestyle can start with having healthy teeth and gums. Without having a professional look at your teeth periodically, there can be many things that sneak in your mouth without you knowing it. No one has time to deal with gum disease. Our specialized treatments will not only cure your mouth of any bacteria and disease, but they will also help prevent them from ever reoccurring.
Call Dr. Jeffrey S. Mika, D.D.S today to schedule your first appointment and to take the first steps toward a healthy life.

Let’s Fill Those Cavities

We all love sweets. Unfortunately, sugary snacks and desserts become the best friend to the bacteria lurking in our mouths, causing our teeth to have cavities and be more sensitive. The good news is that at the office of Dr. Jeffrey S. Mika, D.D.S, we are prepared to fill any cavity, no matter the size. With our help, your teeth sensitivity will decrease and you can eat on all sides of your mouth once again. We want to help you with all of your dental needs.

Routine Is the Priority

Has your teeth cleaning routine taken a back burner to the current events in your life? At the office of Dr. Jeffrey S. Mika, D.D.S, we want to help you restore the health of your teeth and feel better about the state of your mouth. By scheduling an appointment with us, you not only guarantee a one-time cleaning, but also positive feedback on how you can better take care of your teeth and gums. We promise it will be worth every second.